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General info

Forty years ago, young bakery master Karl-Otto Werz and his wife Else took a step towards nutrition and baked the first breads from biodynamic grain. Since 1967, the motto of the WERZ family is to have greater responsibility for people and for nature, which had the consequence that only whole-grain flour is used for the production of products.

Beginnings with a stone mill

It all began with the purchase of a mill for grinding cereals on stones and using Demeter cereals, from which Karl-Otto Werz made whole-grain breads, rolls and cakes. Thus, a new brand "Naturkorn" was born, which is patented and protected by law.

Objectives that persist in the company:

  • inspire more people to eat whole-grain foods from organic farming,
  • process more grain from local areas,
  • develop more delicious specialties,
  • more ecology, and
  • work closely together with farmers, nutrition specialists and Neuform stores and consumers.

Complete selection of gluten-free products

Werz observes strict separation of storage and production in order to ensure maximum purity. Karl-Otto Werz sets high quality standards for this series, as Werz

  • guarantees 0% of gluten to the consumer;
  • purchases only guaranteed gluten-free raw materials from controlled organic production;
  • stores these raw materials in completely separate rooms;
  • mills grains in separate mills

Trained staff produces freshly prepared pastry and gluten-free bread at different locations.

For user

Quality Assurance

Perfect handicraft processes are the most important precondition for full taste and quality!

The successes of WERZ whole-grain bakery products over the past 50 years are evident in numerous awards for taste and product quality, but above all in the confirmation of receiving the award Bundesehrenpreis of the German Food Society in 1998 and 1999 for excellence.

Due to natural raw materials, production, production processes and years of experience, the products do not need emulsifiers, stabilizers and preservatives.

Recognition of excellence

In recent years over a hundred Naturkon Mühle Werz products have received a national award for taste and quality, awarded by the National Association for Quality of the German Food Society.

In November 2001, Naturkorn Mühle Werz received an award for innovation in Baden-Württemberg for innovative achievements in the field of gluten-free whole-grain products.

Product benefits:

  • biological production (without pesticides, chemicals, sprays),
  • sugar free (sweetened only with rice malt and honey),
  • no additives and preservatives,
  • whole-grain flour (flour is not sifted and there are more preserved vitamins),
  • without eggs and milk,
  • freshly prepared whole-grain flour.



Naturkorn Mühle Werz  exists already for over 50 years and has been producing non-glycenic, biological products for over 20 years, for which it received numerous quality awards.


The products are suitable for people with:

  • celiac disease,
  • for people sensitive to eggs and milk,
  • for children
  • for everyone who avoids sugar and white wheat flour products.



The product range contains:

  • breads and buns
  • baking flour
  • rusks
  • salted crackers and sticks
  • pizza toppings
  • toppings for tartlets
  • buckwheat, rice, corn and sorghum noodles
  • 4-grain breadcrumbs
  • buckwheat, rice, amaranth, quinoia and sorghum popcorn
  • a large selection of biscuits
  • rice syrup, agave syrup, fructose syrup
  • coconut flour
  • muesli

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    Guaranteed all gluten-free products

    • All raw materials and ingredients are Demeter or certified ecological. The products do not contain either soy or lactose and are free of genetically modified ingredients.
    • 0% gluten
    • Purchase and processing of cereals which are naturally gluten-free and derived from controlled organic farming.
    • As sweeteners exclusively bee honey and rice syrup is used.
    • Only guar gum and carob flour are used as binders and thickeners.
    • All products are free from cholesterol, milk and eggs
    • Ingredients are stored in completely separate warehouses
    • In the newly created large mill flour is always freshly ground
    • Well-trained staff produces baked gluten-free products on separate machines
    • All products are always available freshly baked.

    Guaranteed for all products from spelt

    • All raw materials and ingredients are Demeter or certified organic production. The products do not contain soy and lactose and are free of genetically modified ingredients.
    • They are made from certified organic cereals in accordance with the law. In particular, Demeter cereals and cereals from controlled organic farming are used. As a result, Naturkorn Mühle Werz promotes controlled organic production for more than 30 years.
    • Grains are freshly ground to flour.
    • For sweetening, only bee honey is used.
    • In diabetic products, rice syrup is used.
    • Dry fruit without sulphates, seeds and spices from certified organic farming. All without additives
    • All products are free of cholesterol, milk and eggs.

    For more information on an individual product, please call us or contact us through the contact form.