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General info

ALPHANOVA SUN is the ideal range of spray or organic sunscreens for people who look for an effective protection, pleasant galenics and a total safety of our formulae.

Based in Provence, in south of France,  ALPHANOVA Santé is a French private company, specialized in the conception of natural and biological cosmetic care, sold in biological stores, pharmacies, nursery stores and on Internet.


Worried about stakes in the globalization, our enterprise opted for a development of its products based on know-how and regional partners who guarantee us an irreproachable quality and a preservation of the employment in our regions.

All our products are made in France and 90 % of them are made in Provence.


Safe formulae, natural and organic
100% Mineral filters – not nano
Without chemical filter
Without chemical preservative

For user


We finalize work on, natural and effective formulae, which meet the expectations of our consumers for an affordable price.

All our products are subjected to tests of efficiency, harmlessness, hypoallergenic and results are validated by specialists (dermatologists, pediatricians, toxicologists).


We choose fragrances and textures, avoiding any ingredient susceptible to irritate the skin, in order that the use of our cosmetics stay always a pleasure.


We avoid all the polemical chemical compounds (paraben, phenoxyethanol, phtalates, endocrine disruptors…) but also all irritating substances (even natural) to guarantee an optimal tolerance and a use for all the skins, even the most sensitive.


Our products are formulated, respecting Cosmebio and Cosmos charter. We always maximize the percentage of natural ingredients in our formulae and when it is possible, we use exclusively biological ingredients. All our packagings are recyclable and non-polluting.


Our ecological formulae are made with biodegradable ingredients. For example, our wipes ALPHANOVA bébé use the viscose stemming from wood which is biodegradable in the nature within 3 weeks. Our sun protections “ALPHANOVA SUN”, are exclusively formulated with mineral filters, which are not toxic for the environment and the corals.


All our ingredients and our products are not tested on animals. None of our formulae uses ingredients stemming from the use of dead animals. The only animal-derived ingredients which we can use in certain care are the beeswax and the honey.


Based in Provence, our laboratory is specialized in the manufacturing of cosmetic and dermatological care of natural origin. That is why, our products are all certified organic and environment-friendly:

The manufacturing is made in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur thanks to several regional partnerships. We manage as well the research and development, the manufacturing of bulks and the packagings of products.

During development, all the products are repeatedly tested to insure a total harmlessness and a perfect efficiency. During the manufacturing, products are controlled in all the stages to supply care exempt from any internal and external defects.