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Biotopic - already since 1991

The beginnings of Biotopic go back to 1991, when Dr. Janez Tasič was one of the first in Slovenia to set up a store with bio-products that was innovative at the time, even in the wider European area. Initially, sales and product choice were modest, but nowadays Biotopic is a store with 3500-products and a very large selection of organic products and nutritional supplements.

In 2002 the company was enriched by young forces, it got a new leadership, and the following year a large renovated store in the centre of the comital town of Celje was opened. Three years later the second whole food store opened in the City Centre, the largest shopping centre in Celje, bringing organic food and healthy lifestyle products to a wider audience. Due to the ever-increasing demand for new and different organic products and a poor supply, we began to search ourselves for quality brands and products in the European and global market. In 2009, we focused on our own imports and the wholesale of organic and environmentally friendly products. Since the Styrian capital Maribor also needed another ecological shop, in 2012 we opened the third whole food store in the shopping centre Europark.

Currently we represent over 25 brands of foreign manufacturers in Slovenia, and we cooperate with the country’s largest trading systems – Mercator, Tuš, Marche and Petrol, as well as others such as Sanolabor, Baby Center, Nama, Tuš drugstores, Vita care outlets and other smaller ecological shops. Wholesale and online store are the segment of the sales area, which currently has the largest growth and most potential in the company.

The year 2015 was a turning point, as our first own brand BioLUX was registered. Due to its quality and pricing policy, it is also interesting for larger trading systems in Slovenia and abroad. In the first year alone, 62 products were registered under the BioLUX brand, while in the next year 5 more products were registered. In 2015, an online store was launched www.biotopic.si, where we want to present a huge selection of organic products to our customers.


Biotopic has been one of the top suppliers of organic products in Slovenia since 1991. At the beginning of our enterprise mainly because competition was still low, but later we had to earn this by expanding our offer and through our commitment to quality and knowledge. We co-operate with the largest and most respected companies in Europe, which can successfully respond to the needs and challenges of the organic industry with their technology and innovation. A confirmation of the quality of our work is also that we are searched for and found time and again by the most respected brands.


Our mission is to respect and understand nature. By training our employees, we take care to give our customers the right information that is important for achieving a single goal – health.



The first shop with organic products in Slovenia

Chief physician Janez Tasiè opens the first organic shop, which was innovative for the rest of Europe.


Renovated eco-shop

The company receives a new management and opens an even larger renovated shop in the centre of the town of Celje.


Opening of the second eco-shop at the Citycenter Celje

The company opens a new ecological shop at the largest shopping centre in Celje - Citycenter. It brings organic food and healthy lifestyle products closer to the larger population.


Opening of the third eco-shop at the Europark Maribor

The company opens the third eco-shop at the Europark sales centre in Maribor.


Registration of its own trademark BioLUX

The company registers its first trademark BioLUX.

We are committed

to high-quality organic products
to health and a healthy lifestyle
to respecting the environment
to ethical business conduct
to good mutual relations

Our unique team

Persons behind the name

Chief physician Janez Tasič, Dr.med.

Founder, authorized representative and long-time consultant in the company and author of numerous tips and articles published on our blog.

Klara Titan
Director of the company Biotopic

Dejan Titan
Head of Finance and Development

Maja Toman

Špela Kamplin
Head of Wholesale