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Michael Lubs belonged to the pioneers of the health food industry when he started manufacturing the first fruit bars in 1982 in Kiel from controlled organic cultivation. Right from the start, he avoided the use of preservatives, artificial flavours and sweeteners and as far as possible the use of sugar. And we don’t intend to change this in the future.

Natural and whole – this is the basis on which the sweet delicacies are manufactured by Lubs. That particularly applies to the fruit bars. The pure genuine taste of the fruits, cereals and spices – without sugar and honey – makes our compositions so incomparably tasteful. Today our customers can enjoy fruit bars in more than 20 tasty variations.

We use only the highest quality ingredients that meet our requirements for ripeness, purity and taste and it goes without saying that all ingredients are from controlled organic cultivation. All Lubs products are controlled and certified under the European Union Organic Regulation.

When the Lubs manufacturers moved to Lübeck in 1997, Lübecker Marzipan extended the range. The quality of our marzipan specialities belongs to the noblest traditions, because they are made exclusively from the finest Spanish almonds and pure bee’s honey – without sugars and additives.

Beside the classic marzipan bread, marzipan potatoes and walnut marzipan we seasonally offer our customers a Christmas and Easter range, too. With our delicious honey marzipan specialities, Lubs contributes to the worldwide fame and good reputation of Lübecker Marzipan.

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fruit bar

We only use the best raw materials for our products. The use of high-quality ingredients guarantees the special quality of our products. In the production of our fruit bars we only use selected aromatic dried fruits, nut kernels and cereals – because there is no additional sugar in our recipes, the quality of the fruits and nuts is of special importance.

All raw ingredients are thoroughly controlled regarding origin, taste, quality and purity. Additionally, some raw ingredients are carefully re-graded by hand. Careful processing of ingredients, with no heating of the dried fruits and the cereals, maintains the vitamin and nutrient levels. Only the nut kernels and almonds are roasted carefully.


For the production of Lubs marzipan only the best almonds from sunny Spain are used – of the Valencias variety. The almonds are carefully cleaned. Dust, shell parts and foreign bodies are removed by repeated sieving. The next two processing steps see the almonds being scalded for a few minutes in 90° – 100°C hot water. Afterwards the almonds are peeled.

A sorting machine segregates the imperfect or unpeeled almonds. Afterwards they are once more hand graded. The almonds are sprayed again with water and washed carefully in rotary drum strainers. 
In a mixing and weighing facility the almonds are first roughly cut up, before liquid honey is added following an exact recipe. Granite rolling mills then chop the almonds and final refinement takes place.
Even roasting in open copper roast boilers over a long period serves the sterilization and the reduction of the water content to improve the preservability and is at the same time important for the development of the flavour.
In a last processing step the marzipan is cooled in rotary copper bowls by supply of sterile air.

date confection

The special quality of our date confection is the result of the carefully selected raw materials and the careful production. The ingredients are not heated – only a mechanical treatment of the dates takes place, which causes only a little warming. The valuable ingredients of the dates remain unaltered.