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More then 110 years Sanct Bernhard

Health has a long standing tradition in our company.

The history of the house Sanct Bernhard actually started already much earlier with the highly regarded herbs that were collected on the hillsides of the mountain Sanct Bernhard in the Swiss Alps already centuries ago. The herbal teas were very popular because of the excellent effectiveness and for this reason they were awarded with a gold medal at the international exhibition in Amsterdam in 1903. Especially the herb health tea Sanct Bernhard was well-known as an important household remedy for various illnesses and health troubles.

In the first half of the 20th century, the herb teas were packed and sold in Düsseldorf (town in North Rhine-Westphalia) under the trade name Sanct Bernhard, which was registered in 1903. In the 1960s family Schulz from Bad Ditzenbach took over the sale of the Sanct Bernhard herb teas. The family had already been well-known for their rose-hip and juniper berry specialities for a long time. Since then the product range of Sanct Bernhard has steadily been extended - today we offer over 500 different natural cure and herb remedies as well as cosmetic specialities.

We still use the same important principal as we did in the past: Just as it was about one hundred years ago we only use first-class, well-chosen and as high as possible dosed essences, extracts and active substances of nature in order to help supporting well-being, health and natural beauty.

Where it's possible and appropriate our ingredients are of vegetable or mineral origin. The own production and permanent checks guarantee highest quality of the products.

Today, hundreds of thousands of customers take advantage of our know-how. Particularlyc, the own development, production and the direct sale of the products guarantee that you can expect innovative, fresh first-quality health products at a reasonable price now and in future.

Our company is based in Bad Ditzenbach, a small and quiet health resort surrounded from the wonderful landscape of the Swabian Alb. This wonderful town is the home of the Sanct Bernhard natural products.

For user

Wherever possible and useful, our raw ingredients are from herbal or mineral sources. Continuous monitoring within our laboratories ensures the highest possible quality, meaning that Sanct Bernhard cosmetics are suitable for almost everyone.

We use carefully selected, highly effective herbal extracts, essential oils, and natural active ingredients to provide you with everything you need for natural health, beauty, and well-being.

We know what’s in our products, 
because we produce them ourselves!

We’ve been in the health business for a long time!

We combine our knowledge about the effectiveness of plants and herbs, carefully guarded for generations, with the latest scientific knowledge. The result: your well-being!

The development of new formulae by our qualified pharmacists, the in-house extraction of highly effective herbal extracts and essences, our own production with the latest equipment, monitoring in our own laboratory - all this guarantees that we provide you with nothing but the most effective, highest quality products.

Certified - Proven quality BCS test seal

All ingredients used in the production of our specially labelled organic products come from controlled organic sources. To make neutral, independent inspection possible, we use the BCS eco-inspection process. This point of control inspects and monitors both the production and the ingredients used in all our organic products. We also require our suppliers to have their produce certified by accredited inspection processes. This is how we guarantee you the best organic quality.
Our business has been organic-certified since 2005 under the BCS eco-guarantee, control number DE-ÖKO-001.


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    Only the best for your health!

    The main guides are:

    • top quality,
    • carefully selected raw materials and
    • plant and mineral resources ingredients to help and support well-being, health and natural beauty.

    For more than 110 years, since 1903, the name Sanct Bernhard has been synonymous with our range of top-quality, effective natural remedies, nutritional supplements, and body-care products. Our wealth of experience, qualified staff, state of the art production and diligent monitoring ensure that all of our products fulfil the highest of standards.

    For more information on an individual product, please call us or contact us through the contact form.