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General info

Aronia ORIGINAL Naturprodukte GmbH is a young, but nevertheless very experienced, medium-sized company that develops and markets strawberry strawberry products. The company was founded in 2008 by Jörg Holzmüller, who has many years of professional experience with aronia. Today, the company is very successful and the market leader in aronia products. ARONIA ORIGINAL covers a wide range of high-end, organic products from aronia such as: 100% juice, aronia powder, dried strawberry strawberries, dry aronia strawberry with dark chocolate, mixtures of aronia and pomegranate juice or red beet, tea aronia, fruit slices with aronia. Juice Aronia Original is 100% juice of aronia, organic production, without any additives and high quality.

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Our Quality Benchmarks

Aronia ORIGINAL represent the natural foods that can offer us the best of nature. Of course, our products are signed with the EU-wide unified organic label. For the organic certification, it is necessary to have our documents and products examined by a competent organic control body at least once a year. You can track this fact on the labels through the mentioned number of the organic control body.

Our own department takes care of the quality assurance of all Aronia ORIGINAL products and has them vetted thoroughly. It is our responsibility to offer you a perfect and honest product, which goes beyond the legal regulations.

Quality is called: Aronia ORIGINAL

Our Analyses

In addition to legally prescribed inspections made by food safety bodies and organic control bodies, the Aronia ORIGINAL products are also tested through detailed and independent analyses at more established laboratories, where every charge of the products is tested, among other things, for residues of plant protection products, heavy metals or patulin (mycotoxin), as well as for traces of allergens (e. g. lactose and gluten). Furthermore, we have the exact nutrients, radioactivity and – as to the product – even the microbiological character continuously researched.

Solely perfect products are delivered for sale! Because it is a 100% natural product, the fluctuations in taste and character are usual, as factors such as sun shine or rain cannot be influenced. We want our products to be as original as possible. For this reason, the taste, for example, can be affected depending on the field or plantations and their character. As in the case of good wine, the gourmet can immediately recognize and taste the sensorial differences. Wir wollen unsere Produkte so ursprünglich wie möglich halten. Daher kann es je nach Feld oder Plantage und dessen Umweltbeschaffeneheit zu Auswirkungen auf beispielsweise den Geschmack kommen. Wie bei einem guten Wein können Feinschmecker sensorische Unterschiede sofort erkennen und schmecken.

Maria Frenkel - Chief of Research & Development

We critically monitor the following during the entire production process:

  • The selection of raw materials according to our own special preconditions, which we have additionally defined through the product specification.
  • Our products’ compliance with law, regulations and directives.
  • Further additional quality regulations, which go beyond the standard demands: the neuform-label for products from Health Food Stores e. G. and vegan-quality according to Vegan Society – signed with the neuform-quality label and the vegan-flower on the Aronia ORIGINAL products.
  • Sampling, whereby the quality of the samples is checked by independent accredited laboratories.
  • Assessment of the analysis results and conclusions.

Brown Glass

We place great value on the environment-friendly packaging, which is not only sustainable but also protects our products very well. For this reason, we had a special brown glass bottle developed for our direct juices in 0.7 l bottles. The brown glass bottles protect the special contents against UV radiation.

FSC Label

Our juice packs are made of certified FSC cardboard. Even in the case of adhesives, we pay great attention to the especially sustainable and natural vegan glue for bonding our cartons.

Screw Cap

Recently, we have started using a special cap for our 100% direct juices. The screw cap is provided with grooves. If the content – contrary to expectations – should begin to ferment, the pressure is released through a membrane in the cap. The danger of popped bottles is lowered and you can immediately recognize in the cap if something is not all right.

Special brown glass provides a safety UV protection

The FSC label offers the guarantee of a sustainable paper origin.

The new caps with grooves.

Only products that we would purchase ourselves

... come to you. In addition to a sensorial performed by accredited examiners in labs, our ecotrophologists examine our products in terms of their taste, fragrance and look.


    connected to health

    ARONIA ORIGINAL natural food that can offer us the best of nature.

    Aronia, more precisely and botanically correct: Aronia melanocarpa Nero is almost forgotten fruit – small dark strawberry strawberries have experienced a return to a great style.

    The Aaron can be classified as a group of natural foods with an extremely high nutrient density, including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants called superfood. This group includes many exotic fruits, such as acai, goji, moringa and matcha, but there are many home-made European foods that also provide important nutrition, such as onions, walnuts or strawberry strawberries.It is one of the most adaptable fruits that traveled far.

    It was first mentioned in 1786, when French botanist Andre Mischaux discovered a plant in North America, in South Carolina. From there, aronia traveled through Russia to Germany, where it was cultivated and cultivated since the 1970s.

    Our dried ecological berries of aronia contain valuable vitamins and trace elements, such as vitamin K, folic acid and manganese.Together with short transport times and gentle processing, strawberry strawberries are a sustainable food from the European area. Only high-quality strawberry strawberries are processed for our products.

    For more information on an individual product, please call us or contact us through the contact form.