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General info

Passionate about gastronomy and travel, the founders were inspired by their expertise in the agri-food world to create DESTINATION in 1999, a human sized, eco-friendly Company located in Bordeaux, the world’s wine capital.

DESTINATION relies on a team of sixty employees who are involved on a daily basis helping in the company’s development .

With more than 150 countries visited, DESTINATION has become an expert in the sectors Coffee, Tea-Tisane, Sugar and Cocoa.

DESTINATION is a company :
• Importing, processing and distributing
• With in-house know-how : from sourcing to research and development, passing through the production, marketing and sales force.
• 100% independent share capital.
• A family business oriented towards its activities

The quality of the products, the competitive prices and the associated services are, for us, essential to develop our company.

Today, DESTINATION is proud to be the leader of the French organic market.

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Thanks to our experience with the land and the people, we have explored many territories and established partnerships with producers to bring our coffee expertise “from the soil to the cup.”


Our range of organic products is systematically labelled Organic Farming.  Black, white or green tea, matcha green tea, China tea, from Japan, Ceylon, India or South Afrida, Destination has selected the best organic tea producers for you.  With Destination, you will also find Pu Erh tea, who’s benefitshave been reputed for thousands of years, Rooibos, the treasure from South Africa also called “red tea” or Tuo Cha tea, to discover or rediscover. Destination, go shopping for organic tea at the best price.


Our range of sugar crystals is systematically labelled Organic Farming.  Destination has selected  the best producers of organic sugar for you.  Mildly fruity with hints of vanilla, liquorice or honey, the organic sugars are a reflection of the wealth of their authentic “terroir”: Costa Rica, Paraguay, Brasil, Argentina…


Our organic experts are have searched out the exceptional cocoas for you closest to the producers.  Low fat cocoa, sweetened organic cocoa, or classic organic cocoa, it’s an invitation to the organic chocolate countries.