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General info

L'Arbre Vert (translated Green Tree) is the first full range of cleaning products available in France, which was awarded the European label for the environment - EU Ecolabel.

Products with the environmental flower label which stands as a symbol for products that have been independently certified to comply with the ecological requirements, are as effective as similar conventional products but with reduced environmental impact. The label is supported and encouraged by European governments and the European Commission. You will find it on products in Europe that actually support and implement environmental responsibility.


"Dedicated to the preservation of the environment"

Our strategy

"To offer environmentally-friendly cleaning products that are effective and available to everyone."
Nick Jacobs, director of sales at L'Arbre Vert in the United Kingdom, says: "Strong eco-labelling criteria reflect totally our brand's philosophy and the market position that we want to achieve, provided our cleaning products are more environmentally friendly, but at the same time are accessible to all consumers in this market sector.«

Our obligations

  • To use renewable natural resources from animal and plant species.
  • To control environmental impacts throughout the product life cycle.
  • Highest quality for your safety.
  • To protect water and aquatic organisms.
  • Production of products in France.
  • Degradable packaging.

The criteria take into account the environmental impacts on air, water, soil and health throughout the whole life cycle. This label not only protects the ecosystem, but it also protects the consumer as it reduces the risk of toxic and dangerous products.

All products bearing the EU flower label have been verified by independent authorities with regard to compliance to strict environmental and efficiency criteria.

For user

Liquid detergents

For laundry, L'Arbre Vert offers liquid detergents, in varying quantities and scents, which are more concentrated and more effective when washing at lower temperatures; this new formula allows for an average dose of 66 ml compared to other detergents where 75 ml is recommended.


Baby laundry with aloe vera

The liquid eco detergent Special Baby is suitable for sensitive skin, as it does not contain allergens or enzymes; for greater respect for the children's skin.

The benefits of aloe vera are to effectively clean delicate laundry, while at the same time being gentle to a baby's skin. 1.5l allow on average up to 40 washes.

Softeners: floral scent and sensitive skin

All purpose cleaners and household cleaners


Our products are gentle to the skin, they are free of allergens. L'ARBRE VERT is the first and only trademark to date, which has received a high consent to environmental quality for "allergic labelling". Our hypoallergenic tests are performed on people who have sensitive skin. We excluded all skin allergens from our products (usually contained in perfumes) and also substances causing hypersensitivity (eg isothiazolinone derivatives) as well as all dangerous substances, which we consider to be a strict precautionary principle.

Our cleaning products are approved by the ARCAA (Association for Research in Clinical Asthmology and Allergy ), which created the label "control of allergens" at the end of 2012. The company is attentive to the development of medical knowledge in order to make the daily life of people with very sensitive skin easier. Thus we monitor also the health of the population internationally, which allows us to pay attention to new potential allergens.

L'ARBRE VERT is not tested on animals and products do not contain any substances of animal origin.

Respect for the environment

Our products are certified with the European Eco-label, which we surpass by our internal requirements.

We give priority to ingredients of natural origin, which are strictly selected according to their quality and the purpose of the product. Our suppliers are engaged in plant and sustainable supply chains in order to avoid the dangers of lack, seasonality or renewal of resources.

Since 2006 onwards, we have been offering refill, because re-use is the best recycling. 

Our products are manufactured in France, at our Saint-Benoît factory. We achieve our obligations at our manufacturing site, which has the ISO 14001 certificate (environmental management system) and OHSAS18001 (health and safety at work).


    connected to health

    L'ARBRE VERT - Green tree

    L’Arbre Vert has completely rejected petroleum based cleaning products. They specialize in the production of plant-based cleaning products that take into account the level of aerobic and anaerobic biodegradability determined by the European Union.

    L’Arbre Vert contains ingredients of vegetable origin. These products are made without optical brighteners, without glycol ethers, phthalates and have no colourants. They are free from allergens designed to reduce the risk of allergies, tested on volunteers with sensitive skin. Products are not tested on animals and have degradable packaging.

    For more information on an individual product, please call us or contact us through the contact form.