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Metafood is a young company based in Frankfurt, Germany, which attaches great importance to the quality and effectiveness of ecological fermentation of yoghurts and preparations without yoghurt electrolysis. All products are subject to regular controls, so you will always get consistently high quality.

Our yoghurt ferments in ecological quality

Who does not love fresh, creamy yoghurt? We are excited about yoghurt in all its forms. But even better, yoghurt is made with yoghurt ferments containing very active probiotics, for example, bifidobacteria. Now many interesting scientific studies about the beneficial effects of these small bacteria do exist.

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Eco certificate

Our yoghurt ferments are available in certified organic quality. So that you can make your ecological yoghurt from organic milk.


Sweet or natural taste? With cow's milk or rather soy milk? With or without lactose? The beauty of yoghurt fermentation is that you can be flexible. Yoghurt bacteria can be used to produce fresh natural yoghurt either from cow's milk with or without lactose or from soybean milk.

You can use My.Yo ferments to make a delicious dressing for a salad, with or without fruit - as suits you best.

Now you can prepare your own great fresh yoghurt or kefir yourself, using bio ferments, without genetic engineering and artificial ingredients.

You can use delicious cow milk, optimum is 3.5% fat, lactose-free milk and high-quality soy beverage.


  • in the My.Yo container pour 1 litre of milk (room temperature) and the contents of one sachet (inner container).
  • Cover with a lid.
  • Pour 3/4 l (1 l in the preparation of kefir) of boiling water in the bottom of the container, place the inner container with milk and ferment in it, cover with lid.
  • Let stand 12-14 hours. Yoghurt is ready!

Preparation without My.YO container:

Mix 1 bag of ferment with 1l of milk and let stand for 12-14 hours (kefir 24 hours) at temp. 37-42 °C.

New preparation of yoghurt / kefir:

When re-making yoghurt / kefir, give into 1 l of milk 100-150 ml of not too cold yoghurt, which you have already prepared with the help of the ferment. If you use the My.Yo container, add ¾ liters of hot water (for kefir 1l) and let it stand 12-14 hours (for kefir 24 hours).


    connected to health

    MY.YO - What tastes good, can also look good!

    Our yoghurt family is fun, not only while you eat it, but also during the preparation of yoghurt. Ingredients, such as bifidobacteria, have everything. High concentration of yoghurt cultures makes your home-made yogurt very special!

    The range of our products contains:

    • My.Yo container for the preparation of yoghurt – BPA free
    • My.Yo yoghurt ferments (probiotic, gentle, pro-prebiotic and for the preparation of kefir).

    For more information on an individual product, please call us or contact us through the contact form.