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Melanie Temborius and Oliver Thrun - a couple from Berlin, created out of enthusiasm to a healthy diet and to veganism the trademark SIMPLY RAW and took responsibility for creating raw sweet joys from natural ingredients.

Quality is what they stand for! Even in product development and purchase there   is just one important objective: finding and processing the best, highest qualities from the most mature and delicious ingredients. They want to transfer their knowledge about a quality product to their customers who should rely on SIMPLY RAW products: what they get is the best what they can find. 

They say, "Therefore we can always say proudly: we only offer what in quality meets the highest criteria and above all what is really tasty."

They gladly, enthusiastically and heartily expand their knowledge and transfer it to the products they create, and they are committed to a friendly, honest, respectful and humorous way of working.

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1. BIO

All Simply Raw products are ecological because we want to produce only what we believe in and, because we live ecologically, we should also offer ecological food, right?


All products are vegan. Regardless of whether someone is a vegan, a vegetarian, flexible or eating everything, we do not want to tell anyone how he should live. If you are looking for super delicious vegan food for whatever reason, you should enjoy our simple products as an alternative to the usual products.


All of our products are gluten-free. This is important not only for people with celiac disease and people who are sensitive to gluten, but also for many other people who want to give up gluten. None of our products contains lactose or other animal milk products. Thus, our products are also suitable for people with intolerance to casein.

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For people with such intolerances or allergies it is difficult to find tasty and high-quality products, so Simply Raw products are meant especially  for them. Even for those who want to eat without milk and gluten for other reasons, we have created "without" products, which are simply delicious.


We love fresh food. This is what Mother Nature originally intended for people. And we find that modern humans do not eat enough raw food today. Raw (fresh) foods are foods that contain all of their ingredients naturally, such as vitamins, minerals and vital substances in the form that nature has assigned to them. The raw materials are not overheated or frozen, so that the cells of raw foodare still in their original form, as created by nature, except for water that is taken out from them.

During the production process, we make sure that the temperature does not exceed 45 °C. Thus, the natural structures of the cells and the molecular chains are preserved, as offered by the original product. Moreover, in the hot months we choose refrigerated transportation for our raw materials and finished products.


Our products should not only be "reasonable", but especially tasty! We want to offer the best to people who have chosen to pursue a raw or vegan diet or who must follow it for medical reasons.. 

Our products are from carefully selected raw ingredients. Mister Raw spent a lot of time searching for suppliers with the same mentality as us: to produce and to offer only the best!

Wherever this is possible, we use germination of ingredients.

Young seedlings are in cellular structure, therefore they carry all the ingredients necessary for creating life. The concentration of the nutrients vitamins, minerals and amino acids in sprouts of savoy cabbage is up to 600 times more concentrated than in the seed. A large part of the daily need for vitamins and trace elements can be covered by the consumption of savoy.


But our idea of transparency goes even further, as all of our products contain:

0% preservatives

0% flavours

0% colourants

0% palm oil

0% corn oil

... so 0% hidden. And that's how it's promoted on the products.


Our maximum is: it must be practical! This guiding principle is always taken into account in the development of our products.

That's why we have developed products that meet our requirements for a good diet and we have already prepared them for you. Simply Raw - just take it with you and enjoy!


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    SIMPLY RAW - just take it with you and enjoy!

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    Raw food is labour intensive and requires fresh ingredients that you do not always have at your fingertips. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is possible to quickly eat a ready-made meal or get a cooked meal from a restaurant. In order to eat more raw foods, we have developed practical and delicious products.

    For more information on an individual product, please call us or contact us through the contact form.