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General info

Biovegan is the pioneer of biological ingredients for baking and cooking since 1986, when you started to set up Claus and Käthe Henneke and started producing vegan baking yeast. At the time when our term was a vegan unknown, they began to write their business path and commitment to nature, which lasts for over 30 years.
Since then, many products have been developed for 'biovegans'. The first was the baking powder, the first sugar-free gel, the first organic powder for ice cream preparation without ice cream machine and many more.

For user

Biovegan products are all produced and packaged in the Biovegan production facility in Germany, which received an environmental award.

Products made under the auspices of Biovegan are:

Baking mix - bread and cakes
decorations - crumbs and hearts
baking products - yeast, tartar, vanilla sugar, natron, ...
various gelling agents and binders - confiture, agar agar, ginger sugar, starch, ...
desserts - mixtures for preparing various creams, puddings, confectionery
prepared dishes - mixtures for preparing sauces
This year's novelty is a mixture for the preparation of delicious gluten free bread and cakes, with hardened seeds and without yeast. A real hit of extremely tasty bread!


    connected to health

    The tasty quality of Biovegan!

    Biovegan is at the forefront of pleasure. All products must always be delicious. The taste and taste are the most important thing.
    All products must be:

    • without flavorings and flavor enhancers
    • ecological
    • suitable for VEGANE
    • without allergens (as far as possible)

    For more information on an individual product, please call us or contact us through the contact form.