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Ginger People was founded in 1984 by Abbie and Bruce Leeson, a lawyer from Australia, for passion for gingerbread. Their passion for ginger for culinary purposes and for its beneficial effects on health, has been driving it for 30 years.

Abbie and Bruce traveled around the world to find the best regions where ginger grows. It was found near the Amazon Rainforest in Peru, Indonesia and China. The focus on a strong, sustainable supply chain and innovation in organic and natural production is a strong guideline in the company. 

Organic ginger care provides them with the highest quality products for our health.

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Abbie & Bruce Travelled The World in Search Of The Best Ginger-Growing Regions


On the hunt for a powerful and pungent variety of ginger, we found ourselves deep in the Amazon rainforest at the heart of Peru. There, we discovered exactly what we were looking for: a rich source of golden Peruvian ginger.

Intensely flavoured, and full of spice, this ginger grows in abundance near the tiny village of Ashanika, where the steamy rainforest creates an ideal growing environment. Local farmers understand the importance of the lush vegetation that surrounds their crops, feeding back into the soil. They use traditional farming methods and regular crop rotation to protect the natural environment and produce a ginger that is as flavoursome today as it ever was.

Our Indonesian ginger grows on the island of Java, one of the best ginger growing regions in the world. With its rich, volcanic soil, intense humidity, and lush vegetation, Java is home to a unique ginger-growing industry.


Our Indonesian farmers grow and harvest premium-quality ginger while maintaining the integrity of the natural environment through small-scale farming practices. Our Arjuna ginger comes from the lower slopes of the Arjuna volcano, where our farming partners cultivate small hands of Sparrow Ginger long into the growing season, yielding the intense heat for which this variety of ginger is so well-known.



Our relationship with China began in 1999, when The Ginger People’s founders, Bruce and Abbie Leeson, travelled to Fujian province to meet with the Li family – successful local ginger growers. Since then, we’ve worked together, sharing our mutual passion for the best quality ginger to grow and nurture the farmers in this thriving ginger-growing region.

The farms that grow our Taiwan White ginger are nestled among hills and mountains, far from both industrial and residential zones. Our certified organic ginger is processed in a ginger-dedicated factory, allowing us to keep our products pure and ensure the world’s most rigorous organic standards are adhered to.


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    GINGER PEOPLE - organic products of the highest quality

    On the European market, some of their wonderful ginger products are offered:

    • Candied ginger
    • Ginger gingerbread
    • Invery’s juice and beverages
    • Ginger syrup
    • Ginger candies

    For more information on an individual product, please call us or contact us through the contact form.